Captivate Strings Workshop – 2013

On Saturday 4th May, about 40 members of the Captivate String Orchestra gathered at St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School, Marayong. We also had 6 members of our Captivate strings team including 2 new specialist teachers, Miss Grace Vassallo and Miss Andrea Young as well as a new classroom teacher, Mr Brad Carroll. We also had 2 of our support teachers there to help with supervision, unlocking and locking the hall and audiovisual support; Mr Adam Fletcher and Miss Lauren Spencer-Salt, both teachers at St Andrew’s Primary School.

The workshop is to rehearse and prepare for the Captivate Strings Showcase on Thursday 20th June also at St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School, Breakfast Road Marayong. Some of the exciting repertoire performed by the Captivate String Ensemble will be: Winter from the 4 seasons 1st Movement by Vivaldi, Mama Mia, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Vivaldi Double Violin Concerto.

The Captivate Strings Showcase is a performance highlight of the year demonstrating the teaching and learning in the String Things Program across 14 Catholic Primary Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta – Western Sydney. There will also be some chamber music by our Captivate Staff Chamber Orchestra. The Staff Chamber Orchestra is made up of our highly professional specialist and classroom teachers in the String Things Program.

The Captivate String Orchestra is comprised of students from 7 Catholic primary schools and 4 Catholic Secondary Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta. Nearly all of the students in the orchestra have come through our String Things Classroom program across 14 Catholic Primary Schools. This program has been running for just over 3 years now. The Captivate String Orchestra was only established 2 years ago. Most of the students in the Captivate String Orchestra have only been learning an instrument for just on 2 years. This year at the Captivate Strings Showcase, on June 20th 2013, the orchestra will perform the 1st Movement from Winter amongst other repertoire. What a long way we have come in just two years!


About captivatestrings

Phil Rooke is a Teacher Educator, specializing in Music Education for the Catholic Education Office - Diocese of Parramatta, authoring & implementing teaching programs and leading music learning across a system of 78 schools in Western Sydney. "I am on a learning journey to find and invent better ways to motivate students and teachers in music making."
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