St Andrew’s Primary School Christmas Roadshow 2014

choir & orchestra 5The strings program commenced at St Andrew’s Primary School in 2009 and was one of the first classroom strings programs implemented in a Catholic School in the Diocese of Parramatta. Since 2009, all children in year 3 learn a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello or double bass) in the classroom music program and play in the class orchestra. As well as learning musical concepts and skills in the classroom, there are many learning gains from playing in an orchestra or ensemble – cognitive skills, social interaction as well as problem based and project based learning.

Once students in the year 3 program have experienced performance in the class orchestra, they are offered the option ofchoir concentrating learning a stringed instrument in a smaller group with one of our specialist teachers in the school; eg a group of violins/violas with a violin/viola teacher, or in a small group of cellists with a cello specialist teacher. Once a number of students are learning at a more specialised level in our smaller groups with specialist teachers, then they are invited into the school string orchestra. Or children that do not take the option of playing a stringed instrument can join the choir.

 Every year since Christmas 2010, St Andrew’s Primary School Marayong ‘go on the road’ with their Christmas Roadshow. The program commences at the local shopping mall and moves to the Holy Family Nursing Home in Quaker’s Hill. This year is the 5th year that the students have performed their Christmas Concert at the Holy Family Nursing Home in Quaker’s Hill. The residents and nursing staff have expressed their great enjoyment of this annual event and the students’ learning is greatly enriched for preparing and presenting this concert.

Mr RaczMany thanks to Mr Andras Racz who teaches and conducts the orchestra and choir as well as teaching the classroom program and violin/viola, Mr Andrew Russek: Specialist violin/viola teacher and Mr Brian Strong: Specialist cello and bass teacher. A very special thanks to Mr Adam Fletcher, Stage 3 Coordinator who works behind the scenes with organisational support.

The Choir and Orchestra perform Gloria In Excelsis Deo

The First Nowell

The orchestra performs the Pachelbel Canon

And of course, no Christmas Concert would be complete without Jingle Bells with audience participation.

orchestra 2

Captivate Screen ShotThe Strings Things Teaching Program including original music,
musical arrangements and media are authored, composed,arranged
& produced by Phil Rooke and published by
Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta © 2009 All rights reserved


About captivatestrings

Phil Rooke is a Teacher Educator, specializing in Music Education for the Catholic Education Office - Diocese of Parramatta, authoring & implementing teaching programs and leading music learning across a system of 78 schools in Western Sydney. "I am on a learning journey to find and invent better ways to motivate students and teachers in music making."
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